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Enscape’s Web Standalone removes the requirement for high end graphics cards, as the Web Standalone exports is rendered in the browser using WebGL 2.0. To create a Web Standalone, Enscape needs to be running as the Export Web Standalone button is available from within the toolbar in the Enscape viewport.

Once in the Enscape viewport, all you have to do is to click the option Web Standalone.

Export Web Standalone button

Export Web Standalone button

Export a Web Standalone

Once you are ready to export a Web Standalone clicking on the Export Web Standalone button will result in a dialogue box opening. This will indicate the progress of the upload of the Web Standalone Export. This is the same dialogue box for all CAD’s that Enscape is provided for.

Export Web Standalone uploading progress bar

Export Web Standalone uploading progress bar

Your default browser will open and you will be notified in the browser that the server is still processing the data for the Web Standalone Export, and an option to reload the file if it fails the first time.

The browser notification that the Web Standalone Export is loading

The browser notification that the Web Standalone Export is loading

If you have issues uploading an asset to the server, then this may be due to your Firewall. You may need to add some exceptions to your Firewall, and you will find the information you need to do this at this link.

Once the server has finished processing the data, your default browser will open. Once the Standalone has loaded in to your browser it will automatically display your project from the same position that was showing in the Enscape window.

The Help Overlay appears automatically when the web standalone is opened. You can toggle it on and off using the H key on your keyboard. Movement in any direction can be controlled on your keyboard via the arrow keys, and the E and Q keys to move up and down, respectively. To speed up the movement somewhat, hold the Shift key; to speed it up even more, hold the CRTL key. Toggle between Fly and Walk mode with the spacebar. Pressing M turns the mini map on and off. To generally rotate the view, click in the window with your left mouse key and drag in the desired direction. Adjust the time of day by pressing shift, holding the right mouse key, and moving the mouse.

Help Overlay in the Web Standalone

Help Overlay in the Web Standalone

Enscape is now available in your browser window

Enscape is now available in your browser window


Back in the your CAD, you can administer your Web Standalones by clicking on the Upload Management button Manage Uploads button in the Enscape ribbon.

Once clicked, a new Window named Upload Management will open with a tab named Web Standalones available. Click on the Web Standalones’ tab which will list all the Web Standalones that you have created, categorized by project.

Here you can open any uploaded Web Standalone or delete it by clicking the delete button on the right when you hover the mouse pointer over each standalone.

Enscape's Upload Management dialog showing the Web Standalones' tab

Enscape's Upload Management dialog showing the Web Standalones' tab

Embedding the Web Standalone

You can embed the Web Standalone in to your own webpage, if you require to monitor the amount of people viewing your project for instance. This can be done by embedding the URL into an iframe using the following script in your webpage.

<script src="https://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/3.3.1/jquery.min.js"></script>
<script type="text/javascript">
$(document).ready(function () {
$("#enscapeframe").on("mouseenter", function() {
<iframe id="enscapeframe" src="<link to your web standalone>"></iframe>

Technical Limitations

Is your Browser WebGL2 Compatible?
Before viewing an Enscape Web Standalone, check if your browser is WebGL2 compatible. You can test your browser’s compatibility by visiting this webpage.

If your browser is WebGL2.0 compatible, Enscape Web Standalone files should work. However, there are still some limitations of the Web Standalone Export to observe:

  • Render Quality is limited to be the equivalent of ‘Draft’ mode
  • Both fog and the Enscape grass material are disabled
  • Rendering of transparent materials is currently simplified
  • Currently, no support for Internet Explorer/Edge/Safari or iOS devices (iPhone, iPads)
  • Performance of larger projects may be of a lower quality than in the full version of Enscape
  • Enscape Settings are disabled
  • Favorite Views are disabled
  • Light View mode is disabled
  • Customization: Only Interface Overlay is supported
  • Touch controls are currently very basic
  • A maximum file size is capped at 500MB
  • No VR mode
  • Texture resolution is limited to 512*512
As this feature is not available for testing in the Trial version of Enscape, if your browser is WebGL2 compatible then you can view an example Web Standalone here.

    Do you need help with Enscape? Please contact our technical support here
    or send request directly through Enscape. Don't know how? Check this article.

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