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Enscape uses ray tracing for its real-time rendering, and almost all the calculations that Enscape performs are being handled on the graphics card (GPU). For this reason, your computer must at least meet the minimum recommended system requirements set out below.

Furthermore, although not a requirement, we do recommend that you use Enscape with dual monitors, as Enscape is optimized to work on a dual monitor setup.

Required CAD/BIM Software

The Enscape for Mac plug-in is provided for the following host applications:

  • SketchUp 2022, 2023 and 2024*
  • Archicad 26 and 27
  • Vectorworks 2023 (Service Pack 6) and 2024
  • Rhino 7.0 and 8.3 (or later)

On macOS, the Enscape plugin will be installed for all of the above listed host applications by default unless otherwise specified by the user during the installation process. This means you do not require a dedicated installer specific to each individual host application, and you can specify which CAD or CADs you want to install Enscape for during the installation procedure.

* Be advised that SketchUp versions prior to 2024 do not officially support macOS 14 Sonoma at this time. Technical issues might ensue from using SketchUp and Enscape. Please use at your own discretion.

System Requirements

Enscape performs its renders using your graphics card (GPU).
A good CPU can speed up Enscape’s loading times.

It is also recommended that your internet connection is fast and stable, and that you should use a direct cable connection and avoid using a Wi-Fi connection where possible, as this can slow down the Asset Library loading times.

Note: Real-time rendering performance is affected by the project size, and therefore the following table provides the minimum GPU specifications that we recommend where large CAD/BIM projects are regularly being worked on.

macOS Minimum Requirements Recommended Requirements VR Requirements
Operating System Monterey 12.6 and higher
Not currently supported
Supported Hardware:
Apple M1 MacBook Air (M1, 2020)
MacBook Pro (M1, 2021)
iMac (M1, 2021)
Mac mini (M1, 2020)
MacBook Pro (M1 Pro/Max, 2021, 32 GB of Unified Memory)
Mac Studio (M1 Max/Ultra, 2022, 32 GB of Unified Memory)
Apple M2 MacBook Air (M2, 2022/2023)
MacBook Pro (M2, 2022)
Mac mini (M2, 2022)
MacBook Pro (M2 Pro/Max, 2023, 32 GB of Unified Memory)
Mac Pro (M2 Ultra, 2023, 64 GB of Unified Memory)
Mac Studio (M2 Max/Ultra, 2023, 32 GB of Unified Memory)
Mac mini (M2 Pro, 2022, 32 GB of Unified Memory)
Apple M3 MacBook Pro (M3, 2023)
iMac (M3, 2023)
MacBook Pro (M3 Pro/Max, 2023, 36 GB of Unified Memory)
iMac (M3, 2023, 24 GB of Unified Memory)
Unsupported Hardware:
Macs with Intel CPU and Intel or AMD GPU

For the minimum recommended GPUs listed above, some performance gains are possible if you experience poor performance.

Mac M1, M2 & M3

Mac M1, M2 & M3

Recommended Graphics Drivers

Since the GPU drivers are part of macOS, you do not need to worry about the GPU drivers as long as you are using Monterey 12.6 or a newer version.

System Support

If you run into trouble, let us know by using Enscape’s Feedback function or contact us here. There are plenty of different system configurations and we are working every day to support more of them.

    Do you need help with Enscape? Please contact our technical support here
    or send request directly through Enscape. Don't know how? Check this article.

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