In General, Release Notes

The main improvements of version 1.6 are focused on increasing the user’s options to customize the project scene.


In the “General” setting tab you now have additional settings for accurate manual Exposure. The auto exposure setting, which is activated by default, automatically adjusts the image brightness. By deactivating exposure you can adapt your view using the options “ISO Sensitivity”, “Shutter Speed” and “Aperture”. ISO sensitivity is the camera’s ability to capture light and shutter speed is the length of time a camera’s shutter is open when taking a picture. Using these three settings you are able to adapt your scene more individually, for example if your project has poor lighting, ISO sensitivity should be raised.


Better-looking Clouds

In the “Image” settings tab you are now able to adjust your clouds in more detail, aiming to create a more beautiful scene. Using the Cloud Density slider increases the number of clouds. Additionally, you can adapt your Cloud Thickness and the amount of Cloud Cirrus.
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05 Clouds Cirrus+


Light View

With the new “Advanced” setting Light View you are able to see the color coded light intensity in lux.

07 Light View+


Viewer Height

In the “Advanced” settings you are now able to adjust the Viewer Height while being in WalkMode. Before that the viewer height was set at a specific height. This setting is helpful if you want to experience your project from different point of views, for example as a child or as an average adult. This new setting offers you an additional way to personalize your project presentations and lets you influence the focus of your audience. Furthermore, changing the viewer height is great while using the Oculus Rift leading to a customized virtual reality experience.



With the new “Input” setting Fly Movement Smoothing you can smooth the camera movement during FlyMode. Activating and adapting this setting especially helps you during presentations, as it smoothens your movement while flying through your project. Keep in mind that it only adjusts your movement, not your rotation. Additionally, this setting is helpful when recording videos using third-party programs.


Ground Plane

In the “Advanced” setting tab you are now able to change the ground color and texture. You can now change it to white, different types of concrete and different types of grass. Furthermore, you can adjust the ground plane texture scale. This is helpful to create a better-looking scene around your project.

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The new settings tab “Customization” enables you to customize your loading screen, user interface overlay, window icon and your window caption text. As can be seen in the example pictures, these new features allow you to give your client a customized presentation of the project, placing the focus on your company, the project and the planning architect. Additionally, you can create a customized standalone file or screenshot for communication purposes, such as pictures for your website. Take a look at our Knowledgebase for more information.

10 Customization_none


10 Customization_loading screen

Window Icon


View Creation

You are now able to create a Revit perspective 3D view from your current camera position in Enscape. With this new option you can prepare specific views, which you can use during presentations – with only one click in the viewer creator you can show your client a different perspective of your project.

11 Create view+


Live updates

With the 1.6 update you are able to turn off constant live updates between Revit and Enscape. The performance in Revit can be reduced due to constant calculations and updates of Enscape, which might lead to a hampered work progress in Revit. By deactivating this connection, you can improve the performance in Revit. After you have finished your work in Revit, you only need to hit the “Resume Live Updates” button and Enscape will update within seconds.

12 Pause live updates_live+

12 Pause live updates_paused+


Xbox Controller & SpaceMouse

With the 1.6 update you are able to use Xbox Controller and a 3D Connexion SpaceMouse to fly or walk through your project. This is not just helpful for your own experience in Enscape but also for project presentations, as you can stand in front of your audience and guide them through your project without the need to use a mouse or a keyboard. Additionally, using the Xbox controller together with the Oculus Rift leads to an improved virtual reality experience. Check our Knowledgebase to get more information on how to use the Xbox Controller in Enscape.


That’s it! So, what do you think? Update now to 1.6 or register for our free 14 day trial and tell us your opinion!