In General, Release Notes

Enscape, the real time rendering plugin you (hopefully) love, now works with SketchUp! If you already know Enscape for Revit, you’ll feel right at home. It has the same one click functionality and updates your Enscape scene as you modify your project in SketchUp. You also have the same export options such as 360° panoramas and the .exe standalone file. Virtual reality functions for both Oculus and HTC Vive are also available with Enscape for SketchUp and are accessible with a single click.

Up to now, the SketchUp release has been separated from the Revit version. In future, we want to bring these to the same level to make the feature set identical. Right now, some features of Enscape for SketchUp (like the grass and the improved water) are even ahead of the Revit version, but there will be no difference soon.

One Enscape license for all plugins

If you are already an Enscape user, you can use your license for SketchUp too. You can use it for all our current and future plugins. This means you don’t have to buy a separate SketchUp (or Revit vice versa) license. This allows you to use Enscape during your whole workflow across different construction or modeling tools.

How does it work?


We use a material keyword system to add detail to the limited SketchUp materials. In many cases, this works out of the box if your water is already specified as “water” in SketchUp. You can find a list of possible keywords in our Knowledgebase.

Camera synchronization

You can use the SketchUp navigation scheme by enabling the live camera synchronization. Just hit the camera icon with the blue arrow and Enscape will mimic your SketchUp viewport. This can be handy if you use an external monitor or projector for Enscape and want to edit or navigate from your laptop screen.

Section Planes

Enscape shows the Section Planes as drawn in SketchUp.

What’s next?

The next update will include support for proxy geometry and artificial lights. This will allow you to improve the detail or your scene further.

Become a part of Enscape

We recently relaunched our forum – be our guest and take part in the discussions! Have a look at images that other architects and designers around the world share, and of course you can post your own to hear what others think about your work. There’s a place for questions and ideas, however we’d like to encourage you to email our support for detailed technical problems. You can also use the feedback button of the Enscape toolbar, which sends us your Enscape error logs.

In addition to the forum, we have our public development agenda. We want to create a tool that is useful and inspiring for you, so we need to know what is important to you. Therefore, please vote for features that you want to have in Enscape and suggest ones that are missing.

Meet us!

The BILT conference in Singapore was a great success; it was nice to meet a lot of Enscape users from the Asian region and learn about their architectural work. In the next weeks, we will be in Orlando, Adelaide and Toronto. If you’re near these cities, come on over and visit our booth!