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Podcast: Real-Time Rendering and the Evolution of Architectural Design

Over the past 20 years, rendering digitalization has helped to advance the art of architectural design.

And now, Abel Design Group, an architecture and design firm based in the U.S., with offices in Houston, Austin and Denver, have decided to take it up a notch with the introduction of real-time rendering with Enscape.

In the latest Art of Construction podcast, Justin Gross, Mallory Gaylor and Matt McMullen of Abel Design Group discuss how real-time rendering has already improved their design process and enabled an even more collaborative relationship with clients in just a few short months since implementing Enscape company-wide.

Here are a few highlights from the podcast.

Justin Gross

Justin Gross

Mallory Gaylor

Mallory Gaylor

Matt McMullen

Matt McMullen

How real-time rendering is quickly impacting Abel Design Group

Before rolling out Enscape’s real-time rendering tool in all three offices, Abel Design Group would rely on hand sketches and computer rendering which they sometimes outsourced due to its time-intensive nature. They would also utilize Photoshop to achieve more realistic-looking renders, which would add an extra step to preparations ahead of client pitches.

But with the introduction of real-time rendering, they are now able to achieve a photorealistic render in a matter of seconds. They are also able to compress timelines which is improving the efficiency of their entire design process and ultimately giving them a better product in a shorter amount of time.

And one advantage that Abel Design Group particularly appreciate, is the ability to test-drive a design before presenting it to clients. Creating a detailed and accurate render directly from their CAD tool, allows the team to preview all aspects of a project and walk through a space to check and confirm that their ideas work in practice.

Taking client collaborations to the next level

Using real-time rendering has allowed Abel Design Group to remove barriers when it comes to client presentations. Not everyone is capable of thinking 3dimensionally, but presenting a render allows a client to better understand a space and ensure that everyone is on the same page.

Additionally, the ability to make amendments to a design and see how they would impact a space in real-time has enabled this architectural firm to bring clients in and truly become active participants. Now they can sit alongside a client, incorporate their feedback and show them exactly how their ideas would appear in reality.

Senior Associate Mallory Gaylor, who works on the corporate interiors side of the business, explains how Enscape has also helped to facilitate the visualization of her projects, particularly through the use of videos. When Mallory is pitching to clients, she’s really selling an experience, not just a space. Through using high-quality videos, she’s able to showcase the finer details of her interiors and provide a detailed walkthrough for her clients which offers an enhanced viewing experience.

The surprising delights of real-time rendering

Throughout the podcast, we hear of the value that real-time rendering has brought to Abel Design Group in a very short amount of time.

Justin Gross, an associate from the firm, explains that Enscape’s real-time rendering tool has been designed with architects and designers in mind. The tool works from within Revit, SketchUp, Rhino and ArchiCAD, mimicking the tools, ribbons and language of the software to expedite understanding and adoption. Gross also appreciates that there is no need to export a file from your CAD tool and then import it into a standalone which makes Enscape especially easy to use, since everything is available in one place.

Another delight is the simplicity involved when testing new ideas. Since you can simultaneously work in your CAD whilst seeing the changes appear on your render, you have the luxury to try various ideas such as finishes and see how they interact with a space, which can be hugely useful in your design development phase.

Lastly, we hear how beautifully simple it is to navigate an Enscape model. There have been times when the team have sent a link to a client so that they may walk around a model independently – with great success. Having these types of options available are particularly valuable when you work with an international client base and truly help to deliver maximum value to your clients.

To learn more about Abel Design Group’s experience of introducing real-time rendering into their practice, check out the full podcast – Episode 171: Real-Time Rendering and Virtual Reality: The Evolution of Design

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