Set Proxy and Firewall

Proxy Server and Firewall Settings

Before Enscape tries connecting to the Enscape licensing server to authenticate the License Key, you should check with your IT Administrator as to whether your machine connects to the internet via a proxy server and, additionally, whether you will need to specify some URL/IP exceptions in your Firewall.

Open the General Settings  window and select the Network option. The proxy server settings displayed are taken from your Mac’s System Preferences. If you want to enter other proxy server settings, you have to do this in the System Preferences of your Mac.

You can find the settings under System Preferences > Network > Used Network Connection > Advanced… > Proxies

Enscape Configure Proxy options

Enscape Configure Proxy options

Each time you open the network tab or put in a new proxy address, Enscape will automatically test the connection. You will see a green checkmark on the bottom right confirming that the connection is working. If you get an error message and the proxy settings are set correctly, it means that Enscape or the specified port is blocked by an antivirus program or firewall.

Port is not blocked

Port is not blocked

Port is blocked

Port is blocked

If Enscape cannot connect to the services you need even though you are not using a proxy server, you need to check your firewall settings.
The Mac firewall usually does not block connections of signed applications. However, if it does, or if you are using a 3rd party firewall, you will need to allow the Enscape app to communicate and possibly add other exceptions. You can find Mac firewall settings in Security & Privacy under System Preferences.

The following connections are required for Enscape to communicate with the Enscape licensing server as well as the server for panoramas, web standalones, the asset library, and the Enscape feedback feature.

The port for this URL should be set to ‘80‘ and the protocol should be set to TCP (http).

Also, please set the following URL exceptions that are for connection to the Enscape Asset Library, Web Standalone, Panoramas, Site Context and Feedback services. The port number should be set to listen on port ‘443‘ with the protocol being set to TCP (http and https):


To understand how to add exceptions to a firewall, please refer to the information provided by your solution’s vendor.

If you continue to have issues connecting to our servers through your firewall, then please get in touch with us here.

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