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Any View that has been created and saved in Enscape can be linked to a Settings Preset.  Not only does this allow you to quickly and easily recreate renderings as and when they are needed, but also provides a way to create project phasing presentations.

A Settings Preset that is linked to a View will always take precedence over any current global Visual Settings values when rendering out that linked View, whether as a single image or via batch rendering.

Create your Settings Preset

As described in the Settings Presets article, you should create a new Setting Preset remembering to name it.

Expand the Settings Preset panel

Expand the Settings Preset panel

Then make any adjustments to the Visual Settings, which will automatically be applied and saved to that Settings Preset. Here, we increase the Outlines value.

Name the Settings Preset

Create your View

If you have not already created a View you should do so now. This is done via the View Management panel in Enscape, as explained in this article.

Link your View

Once you have created your View, make sure you are in the Edit View panel and click the Linked Visual Preset drop-down menu.

Any Settings Presets you have created will be available for selection there.

Linked Visual Preset dropdown menu

Linked Visual Preset dropdown menu

You can unlink a Settings Preset by clicking on the small chain symbol next to the Linked Visual Preset dropdown menu.

Unlink Linked Visual Preset button

Unlink Linked Visual Preset button

Once you click the Save button, you will be returned to the View Management panel where the View just linked is listed with the chain symbol to indicate a link exists.

The View indicating it is linked to Settings Preset

The View indicating it is linked to Settings Preset

Render a Linked View

Rendering a View that contains a link to a Settings Preset is then as simple as either selecting it in View Management and clicking the Screenshot button for a single image, or by marking it in the Batch Rendering list.

Batch Rendering list dialog with selected View that contains the linked Setting Preset

Batch Rendering list dialog with selected View that contains the linked Setting Preset

Potentially, a mixture of linked and non-linked Views can be batch rendered, with non-linked Views using the current Visual Settings and the linked Named Views using the linked Setting Preset.

The Default Folder option is also available for Batch Rendering, and this means that when linking a View to a Setting Preset that has a different Default Folder specified, the associated location will be respected when Batch Rendering takes place, so your renders can be targeted to specific folders if desired.

Automatic Naming has no affect when Batch Rendering, and the files are always named with the timestamp of when the image was rendered whilst also being appended with the name of that View.

The Show Safe Frame option is always disabled when rendering via the Batch Rendering feature.

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