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This page provides information on how to silently install Enscape. A silent installation allows you to complete Enscape installation without user input during the process using a predefined set of options. To set up a silent installation follow the instructions below.

Install Enscape on other machines

To install Enscape on multiple machines, prepare a config.xml file with the following content and adjust it as needed.

<Value Name="LOCALE" DataType="value">de</Value>
<Value Name="STDROOT" DataType="value">/Library/Chaos/Enscape</Value>
<Value Name="INSTALL_ARCHICAD" DataType="value">1</Value>
<Value Name="INSTALL_RHINO" DataType="value">1</Value>
<Value Name="INSTALL_SKETCHUP" DataType="value">1</Value>
<Value Name="INSTALL_VECTORWORKS" DataType="value">1</Value>

Mount the installation .dmg file to a directory of your choice from the command prompt with the following commands:

hdiutil attach Enscape-2.0.0.dmg -mountpoint ./enscape_mountpoint

Run the installation file from the command prompt with the following arguments:

./enscape_mountpoint/Enscape\ -gui=0 -acceptEULA -configFile="config.xml" -quiet=1

The -acceptEULA argument will accept the EULA. If you do not specify the -acceptEULA option, the installer will terminate because the EULA was not accepted.

Silently uninstall Enscape

To silently uninstall Enscape, run the installation file from an Administrator command prompt with the following arguments:

./enscape_mountpoint/Enscape\ -gui=0 -auto -uninstallApp="Enscape" -log="/Library/Chaos/Enscape/uninstall/install.log"

Once you are done with the installation/uninstallation, unmount the drive:

hdiutil detach ./enscape_mountpoint

Description of variables for the installer

LOCALE de Deutsch
en-US English (United States)
es Español
fr Français
it Italiano
nl Nederlands
pl Polski
pt-BR Português (Brasil)
zh-Hans 中文(简体)
ja 日本語
STDROOT path Specifies the installation location for Enscape. The default for All Users installation is C:\Program Files\Enscape on Windows and /Library/Chaos/Enscape on macOS.
INSTALL_ARCHICAD 0/1 Specifies whether Enscape should be installed for Archicad.
INSTALL_RHINO 0/1 Specifies whether Enscape should be installed for Rhino.
INSTALL_SKETCHUP 0/1 Specifies whether Enscape should be installed for SketchUp.
INSTALL_VECTORWORKS 0/1 Specifies whether Enscape should be installed for Vectorworks.

    Do you need help with Enscape? Please contact our technical support here
    or send request directly through Enscape. Don't know how? Check this article.

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