Control and Input


The following Controls & Input are fixed and can not be changed. Only the Hotkey for taking a Screenshot can be assigned by the user and this option is found in the Renderer Window Settings -> Input section which is opened from within the Enscape Viewport User Interface top toolbar.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Control BindingResult
Scroll (Mouse wheel)Move camera forward or backward
Press (Mouse wheel)Move camera sideways, upwards or downwards
Left mouse buttonRotate camera
Left mouse button – double clickTeleport to cursor position
Right mouse buttonHold right mouse button to orbit around cursor position
QMove camera downwards while in FlyMode
EMove camera upwards while in FlyMode
W or Up ArrowMove camera forward
S or Down ArrowMove camera backwards
A or Left ArrowMove camera to the left
D or Right ArrowMove camera to the right
SPACEToggle between FlyMode and WalkMode
SHIFTMove camera fast
CTRLMove camera faster
SHIFT + CTRLMove camera very fast
NumPad 5Top View
NumPad 2Front View (set direction of view to project north)
NumPad 8Back View (set direction of view to project south)
NumPad 4Left View (set direction of view to project east)
NumPad 6Right View (set direction of view to project west)
NumPad 0Return to the currently selected Named View
PageUp / PageDownPrevious View / Next View
Sun Position
Control BindingResult
SHIFT + Right mouse button as well as U or IAdjust time of day
SHIFT + U or IChange the solar angle
CTRL + U or IChange the solar rotation
HOME or Pos1Reset sun position modification
Control BindingResult
VEnter Video Editor
KAdd video keyframe
PBegin Preview from current Keyframe
EscExit Preview/Keyframe Editor/Video Editor
Control BindingResult
MShow/Hide MiniMap
Scroll (Mouse wheel) over MiniMapZoom in/out in MiniMap
RRecenter position in Virtual Reality
HShow/Hide instructions in Enscape window
BShow/Hide BIM information window
CShow/Hide Enscape Collaboration Tool
EscThis will generally allow you to close out of most windows, such as the Visual Settings window

Input Controls in Enscape

You can adjust the mouse speed and movement, spectator height, width, and movement speed, as well as invert the X and Y Axis of the mouse or game controller by opening the Renderer Window Settings’ dialog and select its Input section.

Input Controls

Input Controls

Xbox Controls

Control BindingResult
Left-Thumb-Button (press)Increase movement speed
Right-Thumb-AxisLook around
Right-Thumb-Button (press)Center view
Left or Right TriggerFly Down or Up
AToggle between FlyMode and WalkMode
Left or Right ShoulderAdjust time of day
StartShow / Hide instructions
Back buttonRecenter position in Virtual Reality
D-Pad up or downnext or previous view
X-Box Controller bindings

X-Box Controller bindings


  • Button “X” is not assigned
  • Button “Menu” is not assigned


Note: SpaceMouse is not currently supported when using Enscape in conjunction with SketchUp and Rhino.
When using SpaceMouse in Orthographic Projection Mode in Enscape, the Move Forward / Backward will control Zoom In / Out instead.

SpaceMouse bindings

SpaceMouse bindings

Virtual Reality

You find the controls for virtual reality here.

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