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In Enscape it is possible to create and save pre-defined Views and then link those Views to a Settings Preset that have been Saved to the Project.

The basic procedure to create a view is:

  • Choose the camera view position in the Enscape Viewport
  • Position the sun (optional)
  • Click the Create View button

You will find the Create View button located in the View Management area of the Enscape Viewport toolbar. This means that you must have Enscape running and the Enscape Viewport in focus.

If you want to delete a View then this must be done under the SketchUp Scenes panel.

The View Management button in the Enscape Viewport UI

The View Management button in the Enscape Viewport UI

The View Management Panel

Once you have clicked the View Management button, the associated panel will open where you will see a Search field, 2 View categories; Favorites and Untitled (the second being a dynamic category that is replaced with the open CAD project name), and the Create View button.

The View Management panel open in the Enscape viewport

The View Management panel open in the Enscape viewport

Create View in Enscape

You can create a View directly in Enscape or via SketchUp. What follows is the method for achieving this directly in Enscape, and the methods for achieving this in SketchUp.

You have decided on a position in your project you would like to create a View from.  Once you have also set any camera specific settings or Visual Settings, including applying styles to the projects geometry in Sketchup, click the Create button. This will open the Create View panel where you will be prompted to provide the CAD View Name, as well as optionally Mark the View as a Favorite, and use the Linked Visual Preset option, which is discussed here.

Giving the View a CAD Name

Giving the View a CAD Name

If you haven’t named the View, the Create button will not be available. So, name the View first which will allow you to click the Create button to save your first View in Enscape.

Giving the View a CAD Name

Giving the View a CAD Name

Click the left pointing arrow / chevron located to the left of Edit View to go back to View Management panel.  Or, click the X to the right of Edit View to close down the View Management panel altogether.

Create View options

Create View options

Create a View in SketchUp

There are a couple of ways to create a View in SketchUp:

In addition to being able to create a View within Enscape, you can also use the native SketchUp functions to create a new ‘Scene’ and it’s worth noting that when you create a new View in Enscape, that View is also available as a ‘Scene’ in SketchUp.

Simply click the  + button in the Scenes section of SketchUp which will create a new ‘Scene’, which by default is named Scene 1, Scene 2, etc, depending on how many Scenes already exist within the project.

A new Scene is created in SketchUp

A new Scene is created in SketchUp

Top Tip!
When creating a view from within SketchUp, if the Synchronize Views is enabled, this will result in the vertical frustum of the camera being used. This information can also be seen in the Enscape Visual Settings next to the Field of View option. This vertical or horizontal frustum is then saved along with the View and will be respected, even when Synchronize Views is disabled when selecting the View from the View Management list at a later date.

Select & Update a View in SketchUp

Selecting a view in SketchUp is straight forward.

Open View Management in Enscape and click on one of the named Views that you want to display in Enscape, as seen in the screenshot.

Or, select the associated ‘Scene’ in SketchUp, either via the tabs, or via the Scenes panel.
Updating a View / Scene is performed in SketchUp. Make sure to have Synchronize Views enabled to make this process easier. It’s also worth noting here that it’s via SketchUp’s Update Scene option that an Enscape View’s Sun Settings can be updated and saved to a View.

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